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Special Report - Don't Wash Wet

Have you ever just looked at a vehicle and said "That needs a good washing!"

Well that is what happened to us with our RV. We took one look and we knew it needed washing.  There were a bunch of things that we learned making that decision - to wash a 37 foot motorhome.

1) Have a plan

2) Include all family members in the process

3) Make sure rain is not in the forecast

After a third of the RV was washed with the pressure gun, foam brush and wash cloth, we found a system that kept us rinsing, washing, scrubbing and rinsing continuously in order to keep the Coin Car Wash costs to a minimum.

What seemed pretty easy turned out to be quite detailed and physically draining on all of us.  So the more the merrier is our motto when washing the RV.

Dad's Corner

​​So what do you do when your camper is not getting heat from the furnace very well?     AAAAAAAAH!!!!

When I found out that our furnace needed work, panic kicked in because 1) I had no knowledge about furnaces 2) I did not want the family to freeze.  

I am no HVAC wizard, so deep into the fathoms of the internet I went. I looked for anything to do with furnaces and motorhomes. I found so many groups and forums and comments and all I kept thinking was - I will never get through this stuff or worse understand it.

So I did what the average smart person would do (because I am not) - Call for service.

Now let me preface this with, the service call was for the hot water tank.  It was not heating the water.  And while the serviceman was visiting I picked his brain.  And wouldn't you know it, I had the one guy who wasn't sure.  However he did tell me the type of furnace - which was half the battle in solving the problem. Knowing what type you have.  The serviceman suggested that I could repair this by myself.  He said get a new thermostat and then switch the wires to replace it.  

So off to a RV repair shop I went and ordered a new thermostat for a Suburban furnace. I came back home and in a few minutes I had changed one for the other.  A few screwdriver turns and transfer of loose wires from one port to the exact same port on the new thermostat and BAM! It was done.  The furnace worked like a charm.  So what did I learn? The foundation with a repair situation.  Work from the easy fixes to the difficult ones.  And think - ​I can do this!

Oh no! There is a furnace problem.