What inspired this adventure?

Mom's Viewpoint

An Education Beyond Academics

Teen Across Canada

I encouraged my family to take this journey for a lot of the same reasons as I have read on nearly 50 other RVers internet sites and blogs but for me the inspiration is definitely my daughter.  Though some might think that the idea of travelling with a teenager and living in a 300 square foot space is crazy, the idea of not spending more time together and taking charge of her education is even crazier.

I have seen my daughter go through 9 years of traditional schooling and frankly, I sometimes question the education she is receiving.  She does well in terms of the marks she receives but I no longer believe this to be a measure of “success” (whatever the definition of success would be.)  I wonder if we have actually prepared her for life.

Like many parents, my husband and I were caught up in jobs, schedules and commitments.  This one-year tripwas meant to be not only a physical detachment from that life and all its stuff but an emotional one as well.  As my father often said to me when I was going through down times, "Sors dehors, va voir d'autre chose," which translates to “Go outside, see something else.”  My Italian born dad did not have the best grasp of French vocabulary but he was very smart and the essence of what he meant was powerful:  Change your environment, change your thoughts. 

This daughter of mine is growing up so fast – there is not much time left until she will be off to live life on her own.  This adventure is designed to inspire an education beyond the academics.